Free Web Traffic Ideas

Internet marketing has become the norm today for businesses that market and sell their products through online platforms. Such businesses have websites and blogs onto which they embed relevant content and information regarding the various products and services they offer. Potential and return customers visit these sites for the purpose of retrieving helpful information regarding the products or services they seek. It is therefore imperative for online marketers and businesses to put in place effective marketing strategies to ensure that they attract the most number of visitors to these sites. This is what internet marketers refer to as traffic.

The more traffic a blog or website has the more likely the site will sell more products and services. This is because information about the services and products offered by the site will have reached many potential buyers. The trick is always to try as much as possible to promote products and services to the most number of internet users possible. It is important to note that there are paid and free methods of promoting websites and blogs. On most occasions, the fees required by paid methods are affordable if singled out but it becomes relatively expensive to pay for every method of website promotion one uses. Therefore, the free methods of promoting websites and blogs are used more often compared to the paid methods. There are a number of free methods and techniques that internet marketers can apply with the aim of generating massive traffic to their respective sites or blog pages.

Make Your Website Worth Visiting
One should be cognizant of the fact that one can either attract traffic directly or use previous visitors to bring more visitors to the website or blog. This, therefore, brings about two broad aspects of attracting traffic. First, it is important for one to make his or her website worth visiting. This can be done through quite a number of proven ways. Secondly, it is important to employ measures that will bring internet users to a specific website or blog as opposed to other websites that might offer the same products or services. This too can be achieved in a number of ways.
People visiting a website for the first time can be lured into visiting the site again. Additionally, they can be encouraged to recommend the sites to fellow friends through shares on social media and other related platforms. There are mechanisms through which a website can be made worth visiting especially for first-time visitors. A website that is worth visiting can attract a lot of traffic. One ought to note that there are a number of ways through which a website can be made worth visiting by either new or returning visitors. These include: Make attractive websites

Internet users are very choosy and are highly likely to be associated with attractive websites. Traditionally, web developers were charged with the responsibility of making websites attractive. Any changes that were required were made by the developers alone. However, the introduction of Blogger blogs and WordPress has made it possible for website owners to design their websites and edit them accordingly.

The attractiveness of a website is determined by whether the theme colours an eye-friendly ad on some occasions the fonts of the writings on the website. Therefore, it is important to choose the right theme colours when developing a website. One should note that theme colours also depend on the expected audience or visitors of the site. Age, gender, the race of prospected visitors of the site amongst other factors must be taken into close consideration while developing a website.

The font size and type used on writings are important aspects that must be looked at keenly while developing a site. Depending on the expected visitors, one must choose the best and most favourable font size and type used on the writings of a website. When a website is attractive, internet users are more likely to continue using it and avoid other related websites that might not be attractive.

Make easily navigable websites
Visitors spend the least amount of time possible to get whatever information they seek from such websites. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that websites are user-friendly in order to attract more traffic.

Web designers make websites user-friendly by including descriptive icons alongside written instructions to help users navigate through the sites. Additionally, pop-up windows can be used to achieve easy navigation in websites. Pop-ups always act as reminders and remind users of certain aspects of the websites that might have slipped their minds. It is therefore important to make websites as navigable as possible in order to attract more traffic. Use clear language and legible fonts while developing websites.

The legibility of website content is an important aspect that determines the amount of traffic attracted by a particular website. Internet users have the tendency of appreciating websites whose writings are legible and language easy to understand. Whilst professionalism ought to be exhibited while developing the wordings of a website, the use of complex languages and terms might not be very friendly to most internet users. Therefore, web developers must always ensure that the language used on websites are easily understood by users of different calibres.

Grammar errors must be avoided by all means while trying to explain products and services on a website. Internet users always make a first impression from merely reading the words on a website and any errors in grammar might make them have a negative opinion regarding the legitimacy of products or services being marketed. If any errors are detected, users may shun such websites and are less likely to recommend the sites to other users. Therefore, it is always important to proofread website content before publicizing them.

Offer something worthwhile that people might actually want to purchase
It is always important to carry out comprehensive research in order to determine what internet users might actually want to purchase from the internet. This is always accompanied by wide research on buyer behaviour, pull factors and customer decision-making process. Additionally, being updated on the trending goods and services is an impeccable move of ensuring the one always offers what people really want to purchase. On most occasions, internet marketers fail to align their products or services to the market niche. Before launching products and services online, internet markets must ensure that they carry out extensive research in order to ascertain the demand for such goods and services over the internet.

When products and services offered on the internet have a high demand amongst internet users, the sites that promote such products are likely to have high traffic. This is because the only way internet users will access and purchase these products and services is by opening the sites and this alone amounts to traffic on the site. Internet users have the tendency to visit sites that are mostly visited by other users. People do not always want to associate themselves with sites that have nothing substantive to offer and hence have almost zero visitors coming to the site. The feeling is just like shopping from a supermarket. Shoppers will always prefer waiting in long queues in crowded supermarkets to shopping in less crowded supermarkets where they will not be required to queue before they are served. It is for this reason that it is important to ensure that products and services promoted on a site have a high demand amongst internet users.

10 Social Media Profile Tips

10 Social Media Profile Tips
Boost your credibility, authority, expertise and create rapport and trust with your leads

10 Social Media Profile Tips:
1) You could add your age and your mental characteristics to your website profile. Many people add their best habits and total net worth. A final point is you can add your favourite luxury car and yard game.
2) You may advertise the awards you won and your heritage in your social profile. Plenty of people advertise
airports they travelled on and their biggest pet peeve. To close you might add your favourite lifestyle and word
3) You can air your best childhood memory and your physical characteristics to your forum profile. Various people list antiques they owned and the no. of years they worked as an employee. A last point is
you should add your favourite leg exercises and words.
4) You might list the best choices you’ve made and workouts you’ve done to your member profile. Tons of
people announce the appliances they owned and the years they’ve owned their business. In ending you could
add your favourite law and winter sport.
5) You could announce your best college memory and wishes that came true to your follower profile. Some
people author the bad habits they quit and their yearly career income. An endpoint is you can add your favourite
language and wild animals.
6) You may author your best family vacation and about your neighbours to your chat profile. A number of people
bring up beaches they’ve visited and the year they retired. To end you might add your favourite landmark and
7) You can bring up your best friends and where you met your spouse to your networking profile. Certain people broadcast the best compliment they’ve got and their work stories. And finally, you should add your favourite kid game and weather.
8) You might broadcast your best friends in college and what website you often visited to your friend profile.
Several people catalogue boats they’ve owned and the work goals they’ve completed. In closing, you could add
your favourite joke and water sport.
9) You could catalogue your best friends in school and weird things you’ve done to your blog profile. Numerous
people add buildings they own and what music they listen to. And lastly, you can add your favourite
jewellery and visuals.
10) You may list your best memory as a child and the weight you’ve lost to your subscriber profile. Many
people chronicle cabins they own and what movies they’ve watched. To finalize you might add your favourite
investment and video game to it.

Building an audience

Building an audience should be the first step for any serious online business.
The objective here is to create an audience that is not only large but also highly targeted and highly engaged.
That means that you shouldn’t be interested in just creating the longest possible list of people reading your site, but should instead focus on creating a list of people who are fascinated by everything you say, who hang off of your every word and who are eager to get more of your content in any way possible.
Creating an audience like that means building an audience that will grow in a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating manner. It means building an audience of people who will actually want to buy from you. And it means building an audience that will stay with you for a long time.
And without wanting to sound hyperbolic, it is absolutely true that huge, engaged audiences like this represent the single differentiating factor that sets the most successful brands in the world apart online.

Think about it. What are the biggest sites and brands in your niche online right now? Which are the competitors that you wish you could be?
For a fitness site, it might be something like or For an online marketing site, it might be ShoeMoney, MOZ, SmartPassiveIncome or Search Engine Land. For a site about self-improvement, it might be Tim Ferriss, or perhaps the Bulletproof Executive.
So, what is it that sets these sites apart? Why are they more successful than your brand?
Simple: they have vastly larger audiences than you do. These sites have hundreds of thousands of followers. People who would consider themselves genuine fans. People who will visit their site every single day and who will trust what they have to say.
If a small niche site posts news about a new product, then it won’t have the platform to reach out to with. Perhaps 100 people might see that product over the course of a month and seeing as your average conversion rate for a sales page is about 1% at the generous end you’re talking a single sale.
You could get more people to see your site, sure. You could set up an ad campaign and get lots of people to click on it to bring them to your site.

But then they would likely just leave. Why? Because they’re not your audience. You have exposure now but you still don’t have an audience.
I always like to paint a picture here of a watch salesman. Imagine that someone comes up to you in the street, opens their coat and then offers you to buy a $1,000 watch. Would you? No! Because you don’t trust that person. You know nothing about them. You’ve never seen them before. Even if the watch is stunning, great value and exactly what you’re looking for.
But now imagine that you have done lots of business with a local jeweller and you now know and trust them well. You’re on their mailing list and you know the person who owns the shop and recognizes the brand. You’re passing in the street and then you see the same watch in the window. Now there’s a chance you might buy. Because you’re already a customer. And it’s the same thing with a website that has an audience.
Another example I like to use is asking someone on a date. Imagine going up to a random woman or man in the street and asking for their number. How’s that likely to go down? They probably won’t give it to you and you’ll be lucky not to get slapped!
But if you spend the time chatting with them and building rapport, then you are much more likely to be successful.

This is the difference between a platform and an audience in blogging or internet marketing. This is why you absolutely need to put the time in to not only be able to reach out to a huge number of people but also to be able to count them as a genuine audience: as fans or as followers.

Traffic Strategies

Traffic Strategies

5 Easy Ways To Draw Free Traffic

Easy steps to traffic automation

The outpost strategy for traffic generation

With traffic, you can build your email list and start mailing them offers of interest and generate a passive online income for yourself. If you are a small-time online entrepreneur, you will be happy to note that you won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on advertising to get traffic. Here are some free traffic methods you can apply immediately:
Traffic is important for any online business which wishes to be successful.

  1. Article Marketing
    At the Submit article to article submission directories and draw visitors looking for specific information on your niche to your website. Article directories rank highly in search engines so if your articles are highly targeted to your niche, you’ll be able to draw tons of traffic fast.
  2. Start A Blog
    A blog is favoured highly by search engines and can attract many visitors to your website if you fill it up with great content.
  3. Search Engine Optimization
    Optimize your website with high search volume key phrases to draw organic traffic to your website. Make sure you use the Google Keyword Tool to determine what keywords or keyword phrases yields the most traffic.
  4. Guest Post For Other People’s blogs
    What you can do is find blog in other similar niches and write a guest post so that you can tap into their traffic for your website.
  5. Post Videos On YouTube
    YouTube is a huge source of traffic and you can attract a high volume of customer to your website through viral videos.
    In short, drawing traffic doesn’t need to be expensive, it just requires a bit of hard work and consistency to get traffic flowing. The best way to draw free traffic is pick one technique, focus on it until you get tons of traffic on it and then move on to the next one.
    Easy Steps
    To Traffic Automation
  6. Hire Ghost Writers
    You can hire ghost writers to consistently post articles on article submission directories to generate a steady flow of organic traffic to your website.
  7. Hire An SEO Expert
    Getting an SEO team to create highly SEO targeted web content for your website can help you generate lots of organic traffic and save you tons of time and money.
  8. Pay For Advertising
    Try advertising on platforms such as Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords and you’ll soon see a steady flow of traffic come in. Remember to test and optimize your ad campaign or you’ll be leaving tons of money on the table.
    Have you heard of the outpost strategy? It is one of the most effective ways to draw multiple sources of traffic to your website. Basically, it involves posting various sources of information regarding your niche on various “outpost websites” such as Facebook Fan pages, Squidoo lenses or Hubpages.
    These outpost websites or Social sharing websites have high volumes of traffic and have their own target audience. From your content on these websites, you can build a community of your own and generate large amounts of hype on the respective outpost sites.
    Once you have generated a following, you can redirect them to further sources of information such as your blog. From there you can capture leads and monetize them through your email marketing efforts.
    The Outpost Strategy For Traffic generation
    This however, is not a one way thing. You have to also send traffic back to your outpost websites, for example from your Facebook page to your Squidoo lenses. That way you can build a large network of followers and create a massive following which will ultimately lead to great profits for you.
    Remember, it is not enough to just post information. You should encourage them to interact on your outpost websites by commenting or sharing their thoughts. This helps create more hype and attracts extra visitors to your website.
    Another great outpost website is YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and if you can tap into this traffic you will be swimming in leads. One way is to create viral videos which link back to your own website. Viral videos have the ability to reach a wide audience in a very short amount of time. Don’t forget to include YouTube into your outpost strategy!

An Introduction To Internet Marketing

An Introduction To Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is now called so many other names – e-marketing, web marketing, i-marketing, digital marketing, online marketing and the like. However, in plain and simple language, it can be defined as the marketing of one’s products or services that a business or person offers through the use of the internet.

Why is internet marketing a big advantage to many businesses?
With internet marketing, all types of businesses have enjoyed the lower costs of information dissemination and advertisements. The internet’s interactive nature has benefited business marketing through instant responses and its ability to elicit them in the fastest way possible. Furthermore, internet marketing has tied together all the aspects of creativity.

• What Is Internet Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• E-Mail Marketing
• Social Media Marketing, technicality, advertisement, sales and product development.

Now as a beginner in the world of internet marketing, you will be responsible for the task of bringing in potential clients by providing them the services or the company that suits their needs or preferences in various internet venues. You will help these customers find the product that they are looking for.

The targets are the people who have computers with internet access. Entrepreneurs like you can visit your online store anytime. Consumers can also do the same whenever they want. The future of the world wide web is so bright with its projected online consumer traffic reaching almost 60% and over 80% of these customers shopping online. So if you are determined to make it successful for you, you may just find yourself enjoying the benefits of having an online business that will give you more profit in the long run.

Affiliate marketing is an online practice wherein a business rewards an affiliate for the visitors or customers brought in by his marketing efforts. The rewards are either cash or gifts and are given for either an offer completion or site referral. In this process, there are four players – the merchant, network, publisher and customer. Recently, this market has grown complex with the secondary players like affiliate management agencies, third party vendors (specialized) and super-affiliates. It works by simply using the affiliate’s website to drive traffic to the merchant’s own site or to allow visitors to be forwarded to the merchant’s main web page.
This is how it works – you need to have a web page that contains a link that directs your users or visitors to the main page or online store of the merchant. When one of your site visitors clicks on that link and purchases something from the merchant’s website, you will get a sort of commission or a referral fee. This way you are the one driving traffic to your merchant’s website through your own web page. The merchant will pay you whenever a visitor from your site buys something or signs up for something on their site.

This is one of the most cost-efficient methods of internet marketing that promotes your business.
In order to execute an effective and successful e-mail campaign, you need the right information to achieve your desired results.
E-mail marketing is a direct marketing method that makes use of e-mails to communicate a commercial message to your target market. It is the process of sending messages to your previous or current customers in order to encourage them to do business with you again and in turn enhance your business relationship with them. E-mail marketing is also used to acquire new clients and convince your current customers to buy something at once.
There are several advantages in using this type of internet marketing. For one, almost all internet users have e-mail accounts that they check regularly.

Social media marketing is basically the process of marketing your business through social media portals such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This allows for businesses to have a more personal and dynamic interaction and connection with their clients and potential customers.
Strategies in social media marketing can be as simple as maintaining a blog, a Facebook or Twitter account or attaching “tweet this” icons to the end of your articles or ads. It can also be as complex as having a full campaign that includes blogging, social networking, tweeting and spreading viral videos.
As marketing is the process of informing consumers what your business is, who you are and what your products are, social media further helps in introducing your business to a global network of possible customers.
The use of social media to prove a business’ identity and to create business relationships with people who do not have the chance be aware of your products and services is a highly recommended option in internet marketing. Moreover, it is an avenue that can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection and is an inexpensive way to implement your marketing strategies and business campaigns.